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Wonderful Split

Split is quite a popular resort destination in Europe. It’s a beautiful city by the Sea with its magnificent old town and street markets, lovely cafés by the promenade and wonderful views from the hill on sunset. It has this perfect summer vibe.

We got to enjoy this beautiful city for a couple of days. I’m going to write down about my most memorable moments in this city.

Beautiful city of Split
The promenade by the sea.

Where to store your luggage in Split?

We arrived in Split by bus from Šibenik. The bus station, train station and the port are all around the same area, which makes it very easy to travel to Split or to just visit a couple of islands or other cities nearby. There are also many places to store your luggage around that area. Some luggage storages seemed too overpriced and unsafe. Just some guy sitting outside in a booth looking at his phone and waiting for customers. All the luggage was behind him in a tent on the street.

Also, there are many luggage storages on the street named Garderoba with pictures of baggage and a key. Those are similar to the first option where someone is guarding your luggage personally. Although this one seems a bit safer, since the booth is not a tent, it is an actual part of the building.

There was a much better and cheaper option available right inside the train station. We chose this one. Inside the station were lockers in various sizes. We chose two big lockers and put as many suitcases as we had (for the five of us) inside. The price was only 15kunas for 24 hours (which is like 2€) for one locker. The downside of this option may be that you can only access the lockers when the train station is open, which is from 6 am to 10 pm. Still, it is open about 16 hours and who needs to store their luggage at night time anyway.

The old town of Split

The old town of Split is very similar to other old towns in Europe. It has narrow streets, small shops with over-priced items, a candy store, Town Hall Square, a church with a tower, a few hotels and a bunch of restaurants and cafés. I like old towns so to me it was still very interesting to explore this one. We got to the Town Hall Square a day after a big 4-star hotel had got on fire. The house had burn marks all over it. The inside of the restaurant downstairs was entirely burned. The staff was cleaning up the chairs and tables outside the restaurant and curious people were taking pictures and staring at the place with a questioning look on their faces.

Burned hotel

Some streets of the old town of Split were very secretive. They were sort of hidden, so narrow and diverged into many other little streets. It seemed easy to get lost in there. I liked exploring that area and see the parts of the old town that most tourists probably don’t. The areas where there were no shops and restaurants, only locals doing their house chores.

Split's old town

If you enter the old city from the side of the port then you can see a street market right behind those old town walls. On the street market, they sell all kinds of stuff. Mostly clothes, but also bags, suitcases, hats, sunglasses, fridge magnets, and food. One area of it was fruit market. It seemed kind of dirty with all the flies and bees flying around but I guess that’s how it always is when it’s hot outside. Also, the ground was kind of muddy.

The stormy Split

One day during our stay in Split, there was a storm coming. We were reading the news about it and knew that it should hit the city that day. That’s why we didn’t plan much to do on that day. We thought we were stuck inside the apartment for the entire day. At one point though, we got tired of staying in. And since the beach was so near to our stay, we decided to go look for the waves. It wasn’t raining, which made our decision easier. We got to the beach and saw a lot of people swimming in the big waves. People seemed to have fun in the waves and since we don’t have many waves in Estonia, we wanted to experience that kind of fun here.

We didn’t go very deep because we are reasonable people and know we are not used to waves like that and don’t want to drown. Some of us were also left on the shore to keep a look at our stuff. When it was my time to guard the valuables, the weather started changing. So suddenly the heavy rain started to pour mixed with the hail. People ran out of the water, gathered their things quickly and ran out of the beach.

Stormy Sea

We tried to guard our stuff against the heavy rain but had nowhere to go with them. We joined some people under the small roof on the street and waited for the rain to calm down a bit. When it wasn’t raining that much anymore, we walked back to our apartment, soaking wet. I’m so glad our apartment was literally 5 minutes from the beach. Looking back, it was definitely one of the most memorable moments of our trip, so unexpected.

The view from the hilltop

One night after our motorboat tour to the blue lagoon and Trogir, we wanted to get an overlook to the city. So we decided to climb up the hill that was very close to the port and old city. At first, we had to climb up some stairs. After the stairs, the road continued with the way up. There was forest on the right side of us and cactuses on our left. We saw beautiful views of the city and the hills behind it. Up the hill, we also saw some sort of small chapel with a bell. The door was locked but we peeked inside from the window on the door. There wasn’t much to see but it was still exciting to peek through the closed door.

The view from the hill.
The magnificent view from the top of the hill in Split.

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