Adventures in Greece

Trying new things

Before going to Greece, my friend suggested that in Karpathos, we should try scuba diving. I was a bit nervous about this idea but still thought this could be fun. We didn’t book anything so I thought if we can’t do it then maybe it’s for the best, I wouldn’t be disappointed.

During our day-trip with Karpathos Adventure, we had mentioned that we thought we might go diving. Our guide said then that she knows someone in Pigadia who offers diving. Thanks to her, we got to go diving😀 She arranged it, took us there and we even got a discount, since tourism season hadn’t started yet.

The diving experience

We asked our instructors if they could also film and take pictures of us underwater and they happily agreed. Later, they even gave us those photos and videos for free.

The diving experience with Karpathos Diving Centre was amazing. Our instructors taught us everything we need to know before going underwater. We learned how to breathe underwater, how to manage the pressure, what to do in extreme situations and different hand signs. Even though there weren’t many fish underwater, we got to see many caves and underwater world was truly magnificent. We had to wear the full equipment with a wet suit, wet suit boots, weight belt, diving half mask, swim fins, scuba cylinder and all other things that would be necessary for scuba diving. The full experience of scuba diving was so much fun.

Our guide Baara and her husband (from Karpathos Adventure) had taught us how to hitchhike on the island so we could get back to Arkasa from Pigadia (You can read about our day trip around the island with Karpathos Adventure here). But since the day was too hot for hitchhiking they decided to wait for us and took us back themselves. I could not thank them enough for their help.

Relaxing on the beach

When we got back to Arkasa, we went to the beach. It was so relaxing to sunbathe and listen to the waves at the same time. The sun was so hot that it was kind of hard to sunbathe. We had to get into the water to cool us down a bit.

For dinner, we decided to try some more Greek food. We ate in Glaros restaurant near Nickolaus beach in Arkasa. The view from the restaurant left us speechless again. The eating area was outside as in most places. We ordered appetizers as our guide had taught us. We ordered tzatziki, saganaki, spicy chicken wings, greek salad, and fresh orange juice. The food was so good. Which was a bit disturbing, was that there was a cat who kept begging us for some food. He didn’t leave us alone and even jumped on the back of my friend’s chair. A guy who played some instrument for us (which I cannot remember) came to shoo the cat away but just after some time the cat was back. After dinner, we ordered another cup of fresh orange juice to go and went to the beach.

Beautiful view from the hill

After dinner, we had planned to go see the sunset up on the mountain near the cave. We weren’t sure how to get there but Baara (our guide from Karpathos Adventure) had suggested us to go there during sunset time, so we decided to go there. It was hard to climb up there since the ground was crumbling and quite steep. Also, I didn’t have proper footwear for climbing. We got quite near to the cave and decided not to go any further. We knew that after sunset we have to get down as quickly as possible because it gets totally dark after half an hour. The view from the mountainside was magnificent again. Watching the sunset with that view was like something magical. When we thought it was tough to get up, then getting down was even more nerve-racking. Gladly, we got down safely. There were lights beside the road so it was easy to find our way back to Arkasa.

When we got back to Arkasa, it was already dark. In the centre of the village, we saw a wedding party in one of the restaurants. Kids were running around and playing and grown-ups were partying with the bride and the groom. It was very cool to see life in a little village on a small island in Greece.

Keep travelling! 😀

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