Adventures in Italy

Lost in Rome

I visited Italy with my friends just a few weeks ago. I had planned this trip for a few months already. But like it happens a lot in life, things don’t always go as planned. That does not mean you get bad trip memories. It’s the other way around. Things that go totally unexpectantly are usually the ones we remember most.

The flight to Italy went as planned. Everything went smooth until the time we arrived at Rome’s Termini train station. We got there quite late at night (about 9 pm) so they started to close the little shops they had there. We had to get to our hotel and to get there we decided to go with public transport since the taxis were too expensive.

We searched for ticket machines like crazy. I and my best friend went to look for a place to buy the public transport tickets to get to the hotel while others stayed there and waited for us with the suitcases. Finally, we found the ticket machines which were underground. Unfortunately, these did not work. Some other tourists also tried – but nothing. So we had to find another place to get our tickets from. We asked some shopkeepers but they all just showed us the direction to somewhere. Finally, one man in money exchange kiosk showed us exactly where we had to go. We found the tobacco/tabbachi (little shops in Italy that sell everything, but most importantly bus tickets) easily now. They were already mopping the floor. We got our tickets on the last minute before they closed their shop – but we got these.

It was surprising how easily we found the right bus. We hopped in, validated our tickets and waited. People were sitting on the bus but the driver was gone. Since our tickets had a time limit (60 minutes) we started to worry if he’ll ever come during an hour or so…

Finally, he came but still continued talking with his fellow bus driver. Once he was on the bus we started moving. The bus was quite old so it made an awful noise while moving. I even thought the roof was gonna fall on us. We knew which stop we had to go off but could not really see anything because of the darkness outside. So we asked the bus driver to tell us when do we have to get off. He nodded but eventually still didn’t tell us anything. A nice girl on the first seat had heard our concern and was the one to tell us the right stop to go off the bus. Although, she was talking on the phone when we were talking to the bus driver.

Once we were off the bus we started to search for the hotel. We saw an old man who was a florist on the street closing his shop and asked him to show us where to go. He didn’t know but he was very friendly. It really seemed like he wanted to help us. He stopped an older woman who was passing by with her dog and asked her directions in Italian. Gladly, she knew where our hotel was and showed us the way, although she could not speak any English.

We stayed at the Polo Hotel. Although we stayed very little time in the hotel, the place was nice, clean and quite excellent. We had to leave before 6 am in the morning so unfortunately, we didn’t get our breakfast which was included in the room rate. And we were in a hurry but the receptionist was very slow. Other than that it’s an excellent place to stay and I wish we had stayed there longer. To read some more reviews about this hotel you can check out TripAdvisor. In conclusion, our first night in Italy was tiring but interesting and with many adventures.

Keep traveling!

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