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The Royal Palace of Caserta

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In the morning we had breakfast near our hotel in Naples. When we asked where can we get our breakfast, which was included in the room rate, the receptionist gave us 5 little talons and showed us a small coffee shop next to some garage across the street. The place was extremely small. There were two small round tables at the end of the room. As soon as we stepped in, the café keepers made our table ready and waited for us to order some pastries. They were very polite to us even though we couldn’t speak Italian and they couldn’t speak much English.

On the road to Caserta

After breakfast, we went to the railway station which was only a few minutes from our hotel. We got to the train and surprisingly got to sit on the seats that were on the second floor of the train. We had never even seen trains with two floors. The train started to move and we kept looking out of the window to be sure we get off at the right station. The ticket inspector came in and we handed her our ticket that we had bought from the Internet (Trenitalia) and printed out before we came to Italy.

The view from the train window and those little towns that we saw were so different from what I’ve used to see in my home country (in Northern Europe). It was a totally different environment than when I ride on a train at home. Even seeing palm trees and other trees that don’t grow where I’m from, was exciting.

In Caserta, we had planned to go see the Palace of Caserta which was a very huge and beautiful building with a great garden. It is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Finding the Palace of Caserta was quite easy. It was just across the railway station in Caserta. We entered the gates and before us was a long road to the big palace. We bought our tickets from the palace and went in to explore the magnificent palace of Caserta.


The rooms inside the castle

In the palace, we saw many beautiful rooms: bedrooms, waiting rooms, bathroom, libraries, and a big staircase. Many rooms were decorated with frescoes. We saw the autumn room, winter room, spring room, and summer room which were all magnificent. We even saw two babies’ cribs with an angel sculpture above them as protecting the child. There was also a room with the portraits of the people who used to live there just about more than 100 years ago. The time in Caserta palace went so fast. There was so much to admire. The paintings on the walls and on the ceilings, the sculptures, the chandeliers and so much more. The place was just incredible. There was also a little book in each room with the information about the room and what was it for.





A walk in the garden

After seeing the rooms we made our way to the garden. The garden of the Royal Palace of Caserta was huge. There was a long road to the garden. You could either take a bus there, ride in a carriage, ride on a bike or walk. We decided to walk to save some money. Some people were even jogging in the garden.

The walkthrough was very tiring since it was also very hot outside and the Sun was shining brightly all the time. There were a beautiful water area and waterfall decorated with different sculptures. The area was mostly deserted because most people decided to take a bus. The garden was brilliant. So many great sculptures around the water area. Some sculptures even looked like people who were taking a selfie.


Wandering around Caserta streets

After our walk in the garden, we went to Caserta streets to find a place to eat. When walking in a random direction for a little while we found an eating place. They had different dishes there to choose from the counter. It reminded me of a school cafeteria. The meal was quite good though.

We went back to the railway station and bought our tickets. Luckily, I had read something about train transport in Italy before our trip. So I knew that after buying tickets, we also have to validate our tickets before stepping on the train. After buying the tickets we looked at the timetable and saw that our train is leaving in 5 minutes. Hastily, we validated our tickets and ran downstairs to get to the right side of the train tracks. We made it to our train and waited for the inspector to check our tickets while hoping we did everything right.

Keep traveling!

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