Adventures in Italy

The island of Capri

Capri island is one of my favorite places in the world now. The houses, the streets and the sea-all of it were just so beautiful.

The sea was as clear as ever. The harbor was full of boats in all sorts. The houses were colorful and surrounded by high stonewall which was also very pretty. The gates were fancy and the gardens were green.

The boat, we were on, went from Amalfi to Capri. It made a stop in Positano as well to take some people on and drop some people off. First, we went around the island before we approached the land.


On the island, we decided to go up the hill through narrow streets and see Capri as it is, and not from the bus window like a lot of tourists decided to do. We found the stairs and started walking up. The stone walls were surrounding us from both sides as we walked up. There were some gates leading into some people’s homes in the wall.


The streets where cars drove were a bit wider but still quite narrow. We had to stop and keep on the side each time a car or a bus drove by. One very beautiful view that we got to see was from the hill to the beach. Although the beach was very pretty and had very clear blue water, it was hard to swim in it. There were a lot of stones there and no sand, so it was quite difficult and even painful at times to walk on barefoot.


It was almost impossible to swim in there. While walking slowly into the water we saw big stones under the water. The water was almost as clear as the pool water. We also saw some jellyfish but they were quite small and we didn’t get burned.

We also tried to sunbath there on the towel, since the rent of a deck chair was too expensive to us. Some American guys walked past and asked us even if it was too painful.

Later, we went to look around in some souvenir shops. People were very friendly inviting us to come in. I and Merka decided to go explore the island of our own then. Others were just tired of all that heat and were just sitting on the edge of the fountain and sipping the icy lemon juice which was actually very good and refreshing.


While we were walking on the narrow street up the different road three guys came towards us and said “Oo Santa Maria” to us and smiled. We just ignored them and kept walking while they went on while laughing.

The street where we were walking was so beautiful. When coming down we could see the sea over the stonewalls that were on both sides of us. On the walls, there were some plants growing and we could see some lizards from time to time crawling on the pavement.

Since it was a really hot day we dressed lightly. It was too hot even with the long dress that I had on. But on the boat, obviously, it was too windy. I hadn’t thought of it earlier but my aunt gladly had. So she pulled out many jackets and scarves out of the bag for us so we wouldn’t get sick.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a hat with me that day and ended up having a headache in the evening because of the Sun. But other than that the night was beautiful. When we got back to Amalfi we went out for a stroll around the city and bought pizza from a local bakery.

We thought it would be nice to sit there and eat it so when the cashier asked us if we would be eating there or take away we said we’re staying there to eat. She still packed our pizza in a box and handed it to us. We went outside and sat to the table that was near the door. One big man came to us then and told us that we can’t sit there and eat, it costs more to eat there than to take away. We were quite amazed because I’ve never been to a place where sitting on a table while eating costs more than taking your food somewhere else to eat. But oh well! It’s probably like that because the place was so small and they didn’t have many seats to sit so they want people to pay for their seat.

We got up and tried to find some other place to eat our little piece of pizza that wasn’t very cheap. We ended up sitting on the sand on the beach and eating our “dinner” there. The beach was nearly empty of people because it was pretty dark already. The view to the lights from the houses’ windows looked so beautiful from the bridge above the sea. Another wonderful day in Italy had ended.


Keep traveling!

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