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The beauty of Amalfi

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The trip from Pompei to Amalfi was full of surprises, both bad and good surprises. When organizing the route to Amalfi from Pompei I thought of different possibilities to get there. I searched the web to find the best way to Amalfi. Some people said it’s easier to ride with a train to Sorrento and then take a taxi or a bus to Amalfi. But the bus station was far from the train station so you had to get there first and a taxi is too expensive for me.

I also read that some people suggested to go to Sorrento and take a ferry to Amalfi. But again, first, you had to get to the harbor from the train station. So I searched more and found out the cheapest and easiest way to get from Pompei to Amalfi.

Our trip to Amalfi

First, we got on a train in Pompei. We validated our tickets before getting on. And we rode to Salerno. In Salerno, we found the tobacco and bought bus tickets to Amalfi. The bus stop was in front of the train station. And there was only one bus stop so it was REALLY easy to find it. We were the first ones at the stop. We looked at the timetable and saw that we still have some time so we just waited. It was very warm and the sun was shining so bright that some of us had to get away from it for a while. People started gathering so we figured the bus is coming soon.


We put our suitcases into the trunk of the bus and got on. We saw people trying to validate their tickets in front of the bus, so we sent our tickets to the people in the front as well so they could validate those. As the bus drove it made some stops and took more people in. Although it was already so full that we couldn’t even sit. We were literally pressed against each other. And my aunt sat on the stairs in the middle of the bus.

As we rode out of Salerno, we started moving up the hill while staying close to the coast. The ride was crazy. The road was narrow and went near the coast. And the bank was steep. Every time our bus or some other bus made it to another curve, it blew the horn so other drivers would know and wait for us to turn first. So the bus was basically honking the horn all the time. The view, though, was wonderful.


Beautiful views

We saw the houses built on a hill close to the sea and it all looked as it was taken out of Pinterest or something. It looked magical and I would have been looking out of the window more if I wasn’t already feeling so sick of driving all those curves so fast. It was a little scary because whenever another vehicle came towards us I felt like there’s not enough room on the road for both of us to get by. Even scarier was when another bus came towards us. There was this one curve when both of our buses were honking their horns at each other but came too fast. So they both hit brakes and tried to move past each other very slowly and so close that our windows almost touched.

The towns that we drove through were all so similar that we weren’t sure which is Amalfi and where do we have to get off. Gladly we still saw that city sign and went off at the right station.

The city of Amalfi looked like a real summer vacation for me. Palm trees, the sea, boats, little cafés, mountains, beautiful views and so on.


In Amalfi, we had booked an apartment for the five of us. We called the owner and they sent us the ride. We were looking around and wondering which one could be our ride. Turned out, our ride was this nice vehicle that looked like a golf car with pictures of lemon on it. The driver put our suitcases next to our seats and we hopped on as well.


Our accommodation up on the hill

During the ride to our apartment, there was this one stop in the middle of the walking area. The driver said there’s a red light so we have to wait for a little and he got out of the vehicle. It was kind of funny to see how no one was hurrying anywhere and people were just strolling around or shopping. He took us a little bit up on the hill and showed us the apartment we were staying for 3 nights.


Lemon Garden’s accommodation was amazing. I liked the view of the mountains and eating breakfast under the lemon trees. The owners had their own lemon garden behind the house and we could go walk in there. For us, it was something new because we don’t usually see lemons growing on a tree, we only have apples and pears since it’s a colder climate where I live.

Beautiful Amalfi

Amalfi is a very beautiful town. I especially liked the view of the city from the bridge at night. The city itself had narrow streets, very few cars in downtown. It was basically like a square and the traffic there was different. People were walking everywhere and when some car came they honked and people got slowly out of the way. The streets were filled with people. There were tiny souvenir shops, cafes, and restaurants around and near the square. There was also a long staircase to the church. One day we even saw a wedding happening there.


Eating pizza, again

The group of us found a great family restaurant in the corner of the street. The two guys (possibly father and son) invited us in. After seeing the menu outside we thought it seems like a good place with reasonable prices and we were hungry, so why not. They showed us the table and chatted with us a little bit, making us feel very welcome. We ordered our food and I have to say, the food there was delicious. Although I had pizza once again, that pizza was one of the best I’ve ever eaten. You could see that they cooked their food with love.

They even had other dishes besides pizzas and pasta. My aunt, for example, ordered a soup and she liked it very much. While eating our food they came to get a bit of review to know if we like it. It made him very happy to hear that we loved it and we even left some tip even though it’s not very common in Italy to leave tips.

Strange corridors

Later that day I and my friend/cousin went out to explore the town. The tiny streets that we found in the city were as they were corridors. There was no one else there. The walls were on both sides and there were some doors in the walls where people must’ve lived. The “corridors” looked like a labyrinth and went higher at some point. When we had got quite far already we decided to find the way back to the ‘ordinary streets’ because it was getting a little dark. When we got out, it was already dark and we were wondering where we are because it wasn’t the place where we were before.


Language barrier

Soon we saw my aunt and her husband walking towards us (because it’s quite a small town). They told us the story of what happened when they went to eat at some place. Since their English is not very good they were little unsure about going to the restaurant without me and their daughter. So my aunt’s husband had read the menu and which he thought was ‘potatoes’ and some ‘meat’ turned out to be ‘a baby octopus’. He didn’t know the word and thought it’s like baby ribs or something. Although it was the first time for him to try it, he still ate all of it and said it tasted quite okay. We all had a great laugh.

When planning the Italy trip at first I planned to go straight to Positano that day. But since that meant more bus ride on curvy roads near the steep coast, we decided to go there another day. Almost all of us were feeling sick after the ride to Amalfi. So we just stayed there and explored that city first.

On the next day, we went on a day trip to the island of Capri.

Keep traveling!
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