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Positano – the city of rich and famous

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Positano is about 40-45 minute bus ride away from Amalfi. Since we had experienced a quite uncomfortable ride on the coast before, we didn’t want to go by bus this time. So we decided to take a boat to Positano. Although, it was a bit more expensive than a bus ride.

Signs that Positano is expensive

Before traveling to Positano, it had always seemed that the city is for rich and famous. Looking more closely we did see some signs that it was truly the city were wealthier people lived. The accommodation in Positano was much more expensive than in Amalfi. This was also one of the reasons why we decided to stay in Amalfi and not in Positano. To compare the cars that we saw in Naples to the ones we saw in Positano, you could easily tell the difference between living costs. In Naples, we saw a lot of old models of Toyota Yaris and other small cars. Most of the cars were broken from outside. But in Positano, people drove with new BMWs and Mercedes.

Boat ride to Positano

In the morning, we got up very early and went to the harbor. We had bought our tickets the day before, so we wouldn’t miss our ship. People started to gather and we were wondering which boat is the right one. Everyone was trying to get on the board first so they could get a good seat on the deck upstairs. We were also trying to get up there and gladly made it. Some people decided to sit downstairs where there was no wind and Sun.

At some point, a group of Italian people decided to sing some Italian songs for others on board. It was very amusing to listen to them and they seemed happy that a lot of people were looking at them and taking pictures or filming. It was surprising to me how many songs I had actually heard before. Like “O sole mio” and so on. They sang so loudly and passionately. The ride went so fast that in about half an hour we started to arrive already.

Beautiful Positano

The view we saw when arriving at the port was magnificent. The houses built on a hillside, quite like in Amalfi but also a little differently. The beach was also there right next to the boat bridge.


In Positano, there were a lot of tourists. We were walking on one narrow street which was only for pedestrians. Some people were selling their paintings and souvenirs near the wall and we saw also one magician doing awesome tricks for tourists who were walking by.


The streets got even more beautiful as we made our way up the hill. And the view to the sea and houses built close to each other on the edge of the hill, was just so beautiful.

A great view to Positano

Lunchtime in a family restaurant

As we passed one restaurant after another we also tried to get a little glimpse of what they offer. So we could finally choose the one where we would eat. While walking by one restaurant on the street, two guys invited us to eat there. We said we are going to walk a bit and look around and then come back there to eat. They were very pleased with that and smiled at us.

So we walked higher on the hill to get better shots of the city before coming back. The waiter showed us our table and asked us where we’re from. He said it’s a family restaurant like a lot of restaurants in Italy, as we had learned already. When we said where we come from, the waiter’s eyes went big and he said “O mamma mia!!”

The atmosphere of the restaurant

The restaurant had some room inside with a bar, a couple of tables near the entrance and about 3-4 tables outside across the road where cars and roller coasters rode. Although it was a road with very little traffic.


Every time our waiter came to our table to bring something or take our order he always tried to remember basic words in our language which was very nice. And what was also surprising for us is that he remembered those little words, like ‘thank you’, ‘you’re welcome’, ‘hello’ and so on. Every time he brought us something he said “palun” which means ‘here you go’ in Estonian. And after helping him getting our plates when we had eaten he said ‘aitäh’ which means ‘thank you’.

During the waiting and serving other guests he sometimes sang along to some Italian song that came from the radio or whistled. Same did the other waiter who seemed older than that guy. It was a very nice cultural experience to eat Italian food (pasta) outside while Italian locals sing or whistle along to some Italian songs.

Back to Amalfi

Soon it began raining but luckily we had like a plastic roof above our table. The rain stopped for some time but started again after a while. After buying the bus tickets from the tobacco shop back to Amalfi, we looked at the timetable. We had seen the bus stop upon another hill, so we figured it’s our stop. To be sure, we asked the shop keeper who confirmed it. We saw from the timetable that the bus is leaving in about 2-5 minutes. We thought we’re probably not going to make it but still decided to try, without rushing much.

Some of us made it up on the hill sooner than others and we saw that the bus with the sign Amalfi on it just stopped in the bus stop. My aunt’s husband rushed down to hurry up my aunt and my cousin. They were walking slowly because we all thought the bus had left already. Since there were many people going on that bus, there was also a long line. We made it to the bus, showed our tickets and went to the middle of the bus.

The bus ride along Amalfi coast

It was so full again that we didn’t have a seat and had to stand up most of the journey back to Amalfi. The views we saw driving from Positano to Amalfi were also very beautiful and breath-taking.

Just before the city of Amalfi the bus stopped and started turning itself around. It was very strange to us because there was very very little space. On one side there was a hillside and on the other, there was a deep gorge. Men outside were instructing the bus driver while he made the turn. After that, everybody started getting off the bus so we went out also.

We started walking towards the city along with other people. It was still a little wet outside but also quite warm. Turned out there was some kind of sailing competition going on in Amalfi while we were away. It had ended now but Amalfi was still crowded.

In the evening we went to the beach and enjoyed the warm night and a view of the city lights.


Keep traveling!

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