Adventures in Greece

Our way to Karpathos

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Our trip started with a bus ride from Tallinn to Riga. The bus ride was 4 hours with Luxexpress. We managed to watch two movies from the bus’ tv screens during the ride.

When we arrived at Riga bus station the first thing for us was to find another bus to the airport. After we got the info from the tourist information center we headed to Narvesen (little kiosk) from where we got our bus tickets to the airport.

It was a small minibus nearly empty but very comfortable and nice. The ticket price was only 1.15€.

In the airport, we went through security first because we had made check in online. I started beeping for some reason so the security touched my entire body very carefully. She told me to take off my cardigan and ran it through security. When they found nothing they let us through.

The flight to Athens was about three hours. It was during the night so we tried to sleep but failed it. I couldn’t sleep at all.

The view from the night’s sky to the houses’ lights was so beautiful though.


In the Athens airport, we had to go through security again. This time it went faster and I didn’t start beeping.

We started to look for our gate then. We waited for an hour and still no gate number on the screen. Finally, it appeared and we found the right gate fast.

Later, we discovered we had got an email with our gate number hours ago.

The plane which took us to Karpathos was quite small. There were only 4 seats in one row and one aisle between two sets of seats.

Although the flight was only one hour they offered us something to drink and some kind of greek snack. We took orange juice which was good.

After arriving at the airport we had to get a taxi to the village we were supposed to stay in. There were three taxis in front of the little airport. These got taken fast. The taxi drivers asked where we would like to go and when we said Arkasa, one driver said he can drop us off there.

He had also one Greek woman on board who he had to take to Karpathos capital Pigadia. She had probably reserved this taxi before arriving already, we saw the taxi driver’s notes.😉

Anyways, the price he asked us was 25€. We arrived at our accommodation at Seaside Studios in the morning at about 7 am. So we went straight to sleep.


Keep traveling!

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