Queen Mary ship.
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On board the Queen Mary

Another beautiful sunny day was welcoming us in Los Angeles on the day we had planned to go on board the ship Queen Mary. A ship that was faster and bigger than Titanic, was elegant and classy. The rich and famous considered it as the only civilized way to travel Atlantic when the ship was launched in 1936. When World War II started in 1939 the ship started to serve as a troopship carrying soldiers and war hostages.

After the war, the ship sailed for another two decades before it was docked in Long Beach, Los Angeles as a hotel, museum, popular landmark and venue. We got to hear about its interesting history when we took the haunted encounters tour on board the Queen Mary.

Queen Mary ship.
The Queen Mary ship.

Inside of the Queen Mary

The whole visit was free for us with the Los Angeles Go Card. At the counter, we got to choose one tour. We chose the guided Haunted Encounters tour since this one seemed most interesting to us. At first, we got to walk around the ship and discover it by ourselves. We started with the engine room. The engine room was huge. When we came up from the engine room we were back in the gallery where we were before. There were pictures and stories on the walls about the ship. There was even a 4D theater on the deck.

The engine room.
The engine room.

It was pretty cool walking around the corridors on board the Queen Mary. It all seemed so old-fashioned but classy. And to think that the doors in the corridors, that lead to cabins are now hotel rooms where people can stay, was even more exciting. We got lost on those corridors quite a few times because they all looked the same. We had a map of the ship and we were searching for a specific place at the front of the ship. There were some floors that were restricted to us. We were allowed to go to the front of the ship only through one specific floor.

The rooms we saw on board

Somewhere along the way, we saw captain’s and the other staff member’s rooms through windows. There was even a little hospital room on board the Queen Mary. On the wall, we saw a list of people’s names. There were two lists. One was of passengers who died on board and another was of crew members that died on board. Besides to the name, there was the date of death of each passenger, name, nationality (if known) and cause of death. Under the list, there was a note that said the list may not be complete.

Some papers in the staff captain’s room.
The bathroom.
The hospital in the ship.
The list of passengers who died on board.

In one room we saw a huge Queen Mary ship that was made entirely from LEGO bricks. And there were, of course, many souvenir shops in the middle of the ship. The ship had many rooms and areas that were close to the public and some were accessible only with a tour guide. It was really interesting to explore the ship and I would have really wanted to spend the night there and explore the ship more.

The LEGO version of the ship Queen Mary.
The LEGO version of the ship Queen Mary.

Haunted Encounters Tour

Our guided Haunted Encounters Tour was very exciting. It started in a dark big room where our guide told a few stories about that room and the ship. He spoke very interestingly. Since it was still a day-time the room wasn’t completely dark. But there’s an option to take this Haunted Encounters Tour at night too.

The guide told us a lot of stories. One story was about a man who creeps around on the corridors and around one specific stairway on board the Queen Mary. The guide told us that the hotel guests have complained about a big man who was stalking them at night. But when the staff went to look for him, they couldn’t find him. The guide told us the story about that man. He was supposedly a spy during the war. And he had a daughter with him on that ship. The daycare was near that staircase where people often felt someone following them. They say the spy was lurking around that staircase and waiting or protecting his daughter. Unfortunately, the Americans found out that he’s a spy when the ship arrived in America, but no one knew he had a daughter. Near that room, there have also been heard some children laughing, playing and crying.

Another story our guide told us was about a little girl who had drowned on the ship. There was this pool area, that has been closed for years. Some staff members started to notice some child’s wet footprints on the floor and guests saw those near the pool area. The ship members went to check that area but didn’t find any children or anyone in that room. When they did a little research they found out that a little girl had died in the pool many-many years ago.

More stories about the haunted encounters

There was also one elevator in that ship that was said to be haunted. We wanted to see if we could find anything in there. So after our tour, we used specifically that elevator to go upstairs. We even took some photos inside the elevator so that maybe the ghost would appear there but we still saw nothing. Maybe they only appear at night time, I don’t know.

Another story that I remember was about an old piano that we saw. Our guide told us that hotel guests have heard it playing at night when taking romantic walks. A couple then came to see who’s playing and saw no one. They thought that maybe the piano is programmed somehow to play some melody. In the morning the couple talked to the receptionist. They then found out that it is a very old piano and it is quite impossible to program it and it would ruin the old piano.

There were a lot of stories like that about the ship’s haunted encounters. I found this very interesting. At one dark corridor, our guide even tried to scare us a bit. Some people even got frightened. Our guide told us some stories of this ship about his own experience as well but some people were still a bit skeptic about it all. The haunted encounters tour was restricted to children.

Walking in Long Beach

We were suddenly so hungry when we finally left the ship. So we decided to find someplace to eat near Long Beach. We walked and walked and found one restaurant. When we finally got our seats we were told that we would have to wait for 30 minutes to get to order. But we were so hungry that we decided to find another place to eat. We didn’t even reach the beach area because it seemed so far away and it was almost evening already. So after eating we just went back to West Hollywood where we were staying.

Long Beach palm trees.

Keep traveling!


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