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Naples’ streets

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In the early morning of June 8th, we got to the train to ride from Rome to Naples. In Naples, we stayed in the hotel which was nearby the train station. The neighborhood was very dirty and crowdy. Still, it was very convenient to commute and get anywhere we wanted. We bought one-day public transport tickets, which we could use in every transportation in Naples for one day.


The view to the street from our hotel balcony.


Since now we knew where to buy transportation tickets in Italy (tabacchi shop), it was easy to find these in Naples. Tabacchi/tobacco shops are everywhere in Italy. So finding these little stores was easy. Although, they only took cash so if you ever plan to go to Italy (especially South Italy) make sure you bring some cash with you.

The upper part of the city

We wandered on the streets which were empty of tourists. Only a few local people doing their household chores. Some motorbikes drove past us on the narrow streets. And the Sun was shining on us. It couldn’t have been more perfect summer weather for us. The streets seemed old but beautiful. Our goal was to get up on a hill and see the neighborhood called Vomero. It’s a beautiful area with a lot of narrow streets and big villas. At Vomero we also got to see an overview of the city from a higher place. Since there was a thunderstorm coming we also saw dark clouds with lightning above the city. Some pretty nice photos came out because of that. Luckily, it didn’t rain much.


We found a nice little bakery shop up in Vomero and bought some Italian sweets. Those tasted so good and were very sweet. Since it was also very warm, some of my sweets started melting and I had to eat them fast. Then it started to rain a little and we walked fast on the streets to find a place we could go in. We saw a little food shop and walked in. There was a really nice shop keeper there who smiled at us and was very polite. We also decided to buy something since we were using his shop to hide from the lightning storm. The noise that the storm made was echoing so loudly because we were up on a mountain. I covered my ears because I’m still a bit afraid of thunderstorms. This made the shop keeper laugh though.


Seeing St. Elmo Castle

Gladly it didn’t rain much and we got to move on quite fast. To get up on a hill and down later, we used the cable car (funicolare) which was pretty fun because we had never even seen one of these before. We also got lost a little but that’s what made the experience more fun. We got to see the beautiful streets and great views that I’m sure we would have never seen if we had stuck to the right route. To be honest, we didn’t even look at the map very much. Although, we were trying to find the castle of St. Elmo we weren’t disappointed when we didn’t find it as fast as we would’ve wanted. When we finally found it, we saw the castle from the outside but we didn’t go in, because it was already too late and they were closing.

St. Elmo Castle.



Eating pizza in Naples

As we got back, we found a little restaurant where the guys who worked there invited us to come and eat some pizza. We sat on the table and took the menus. We were the only ones in the restaurant. When we asked how big the pizzas are there, he showed a small circle with his hands but when we finally got the pizzas we were amazed because these were 3 times bigger than the circle that he showed.

We had quite big expectations of the pizza in Naples since it is the city where pizza was founded. But in that place where we ate the bottom of the pizza was so hard that my friend bent a fork while trying to cut a piece. Most of us couldn’t even eat the entire pizza because it was so big. But despite all that, we had so much fun during that dinner in a local pizzeria.


The first day in Naples we saw a lot already and were happy we got to see so much of the city. At the end of the day, we even had time for a little shopping on the streets where people sell all kinds of things. The things on the streets were quite cheap, they mostly sold sunglasses, bags, and footwear.

The City of Naples was a very interesting place to visit and the pizza which was supposed to be the best in Naples, which is its origin town, wasn’t as good as we thought it would be. Maybe we were just dining in the wrong place.

All we can get from this city are great memories of a good time spent in a new place with great people. Next stop the palace of Caserta.

Keep traveling!

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