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My first flight

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Three years ago, I was in my senior year of high school, dreaming about traveling abroad on my own. One of my biggest dreams was to go to England. I adored British accent (still do 😉 ) and every time I hear that I stop talking and just listen to it like it is the most interesting thing ever.

After graduating, I and my friend decided that we’re going to England at the end of the summer. I worked hard to get enough money and in August we were finally ready to go.

It was also my first time to travel by plane, so I was terrified. I remember, I sat near the window on the plane and waited for the plane to take off. I was so nervous. Ever since I was a little girl I have always been afraid of getting on a plane. I used to think that it will just fall down and I couldn’t do anything about it. Even now I get a little anxious every time I step on a plane.

The plane started moving and I sat still. As it gained speed I got more nervous. Finally, it was going so fast I had to hold onto the chair in front of me. And when the wheels got off the ground, I felt happiness. I couldn’t believe I was not on the steady ground anymore. I was just laughing and looking down from the window as the buildings and trees got smaller and smaller.

The rest of the flight was like riding on a bus. The landing was also thrilling to me and when the wheels finally touched the ground, everyone clapped and were happy. I got my hand luggage and stepped out of the plane, happy as I could ever be. I WAS FINALLY IN ENGLAND!!

Keep traveling!

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