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Last days in Arkasa

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On our last days in Arkasa we wanted to see this little village more. We hiked to a beautiful private beach, which our guide from Karpathos Adventure had shown us the other day (You can read about it here). We spent many hours on that beach photo shooting. Since the place was just so beautiful we couldn’t help ourselves. We packed a few outfits with us and went to the beach. To get there, we had to go through another little village called Finiki. This was a smaller village than Arkasa. When walking through the village we noticed a goat in one yard. Then two goats near the door of the house. It was strange to us and very odd to see goats in someone’s yard.


The beach was amazing. There were rocks around the area but the beach was sandy. We spent there almost the entire day. It was totally private until two foreign women came there and went for a swim. They were taking pictures of rocks and were looking at them very closely as to read their history. Soon an older man joined them and one of the woman and the guy went for a skinny dipping and the other woman was taking pictures of them. That’s when we decided it’s time to go back to our small village.


For dinner, we went to a different restaurant which was open longer. We ordered some appetizers once more and they served these with french fries and pasta.


Later that night we went to the beach when it was already dark. An interesting thing was that at day-time the sand in the beach was so hot that it was impossible to walk slowly in the sand on barefoot. People who barefoot always ran to the water or under the sunshade where the sand wasn’t that hot. At night-time though, the sand was so cold. It was so dark outside during 10 pm that we couldn’t even see where the sea began. Although, we could still hear the waves which were both relaxing and intimidating, because we didn’t see how big the waves actually were. We laid on the deck chairs for a little while enjoying the sound of the waves hitting on the shore.

When we went back to our accommodation we saw a lizard on the wall above my bed. We didn’t know what to do since we had never been in a situation like this. We googled what to do and how to get a lizard out of your house 😀 We didn’t know much about lizards but since we had left our balcony door open it probably felt the warmth and came in. It hid inside of the air condition which was not turned on. We tried and tried but didn’t succeed to get him out of there. We were chasing that lizard for TWO HOURS until we gave up. We were so tired that we just HOPED it wouldn’t do anything bad for us during our sleep.


The next day was the day when we had to leave. Luckily, our plane was going afternoon and the airport was so little that they only had one gate. We had to leave a little before an hour before our flight. So we got to enjoy a little bit more of this little island. For breakfast, we decided to go to Glaros Restaurant once more since we had enjoyed the meal there before. I ordered french toast with banana and of course a glass or fresh orange juice. Again, I was amazed by the taste of it. After our meal, we went to get our swimsuits and made our way to the beach. We wanted to enjoy our time in the sun as much as possible. We sunbathed even though the sun was too hot to bare even 5 minutes in the sun. That’s why we went into the water to cool out a bit, so we could continue sunbathing. I tried to remember the feeling when laying in the sun which was so hot it almost burned. Here, in Estonia, we barely see the Sun and when we do it’s almost never that hot. Of course, we used the sun cream in Greece and it was quite strong, so we went home almost as white as we were before. Greece people were amazed by how white we were at the beginning, they asked us have we ever even seen the sun? 😀 Later, they said they see that we’ve got more tanned.

One day when we were just laying on our deck chair sunbathing, I saw one middle-aged Greek man walking around the beach staring at us almost the entire time. He just walked back and forth the water-line and stared us. Even when he was laying on his chair far from us, I could see him staring again. After some time, he came to us and asked if he could join us and talk to us while we sunbathe. We politely declined and said that we enjoy sun-bathing without talking, he left but seemed very disappointed when he went back to his chair.

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Andraž from Karpathos Adventure was so nice that he took us to the airport in his car. The airport was really tiny, also our plane was small. When the airport staff was checking our flight tickets they stopped at mine which was on my phone in my email. They told me to show it again but I lost the connection and had to search for it again. My friend already had passed and was almost on the bus which was meant to take us to the plane. She came back when she saw that I had some trouble. She shared here internet with me so I could show my ticket once more. A lot of people had passed me already until the staff checked my ticket again. Then she said that my seat has changed and they are going to give me a new ticket. I had to wait there until they came with a new ticket.


Finally, we got on the plane and realized we had different seats with my friend and that we don’t sit next to each other now, because they had given my seat to some man. There was no one sitting beside me. There were also other seats empty which left us wondering why did they have to change my seat? My friend asked the flight attendant if she could sit next to me and she nodded with a smile.

Soon we took off and flight attendants started walking back and forth the aisle again. The offered us a drink and a small pack of cookies. One stewardess came to us and asked if we’re twins because she thought we look alike. We laughed and said ‘no’. After a while she came back and asked that maybe we’re sisters at least, we denied again and told her that she should hear our names which are Mairis and Airis. Not very common names but still so similar. She laughed and continued walking and offering people drinks and cookies.

We flew above Greece’ islands. The pilot was speaking through the speakers and told us when we were above Crete island and other islands. When we flew above Karpathos island we were trying to see the place where we stayed. The flight was only one hour so we made it to Athens quite quickly.

Keep traveling! 🙂

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