What to do in Barcelona with low budget?

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Barcelona is one of my favorite city where I’ve been. It has this nice vibe, warm nights, long beaches and beautiful palm trees. Even though it’s quite a big city, it seems very lovely and it has many interesting things to do even with a low budget.

Barcelona Card

If you have a low budget or you wish to save more money on your travel, Barcelona Card is ideal for you to get the opportunity to visit many interesting museums and sights with discounted prices or for free. Also, you’ll get to use public transport for free when you buy a Barcelona card. There is an opportunity to buy Barcelona Card for 3-, 4- or 5-days.

Also, if you want it for 2 days you can buy a Barcelona Card Express. There are numerous things that you can do with the Barcelona Card Express. If you wish to see the list of things that are free or with discounted prices with Barcelona Card Express, click here. A lot of sights that have discounted price with Barcelona Card Express are FREE with Barcelona Card which is for 3, 4 or 5 days.

It is very easy to receive a Barcelona Card. You simply choose if you want it to be shipped to you by post (4.90€) or via e-mail (free). If you choose to get it via e-mail, you will have to print out the voucher they send to you and collect it in tourist info points which are all laid out here under the headline “Issuing points and opening hours”.

If you land at Girona Airport, the best way to collect Barcelona Card is at the bus station where the shuttle bus from Girona Airport stops. The tourist info is located outside the bus station across the area where buses stop.

I can recommend the sights that we went with our Barcelona 2-day Card while being in Barcelona. Firstly, we enjoyed our freedom to use public transport for free for two days. It was easy to just hop on a bus or a tram and validate your ticket without stressing too much about tickets.

Las Golondrinas Barcelona

Another thing that you should do is take Las Golondrinas de Barcelona. That is a boat trip from the port of Barcelona. It’s a nice and relaxing trip around the bay area. You can see the city from the sea.

When we were on the boat there was a guy playing the guitar for us. He played it very good. After the demonstration of his skills he came and asked a little money from everyone on the ship to support what he is doing. It was a bit strange to us but understandable because he really played it well and it gave a nice atmosphere to it all.


Chocolate Museum

Another thing that I recommend to do in Barcelona with the Barcelona Card, is to go to the Chocolate museum. As a chocoholic, I really enjoyed this place. As a ticket, they gave us a small chocolate bar. Before that, they asked where we’re from. I saw that for people who are from more common and bigger countries they had something with their own country’s flag on it but since Estonia is not a very big and well-known country we got a chocolate bar. But it was still a nice gesture.

In the museum, there were many things made of chocolate put out behind the glass. There were also screens where they showed how these things are made and what do they use to make these wonderful chocolate sculptures. Every chocolate sculpture was made entirely from chocolate. Even white things like the snowman Olaf was made of white chocolate. After visiting the museum you could sit in the café area and drink chocolate milkshake as we did.

Chocolate boy with doves.
Chocolate milk.

Egypt Museum

We also visited Egypt museum, which is -30% off with Barcelona Card Express and free of charge with Barcelona Card (3, 4 or 5 days). We couldn’t take pictures there but the overview was great. There were some ruins of ancient Egypt and some mummies. The museum was built on two floors, so first, you get to explore the first floor and then go up on the second floor. The museum itself is not very big.

Jardi Botànic de Barcelona

For nature lovers, the Jardi Botànic de Barcelona garden is a great place to go. The price is 50% off with Barcelona Card Express (2-days card) and free with Barcelona Card (3, 4 or 5 days). In that botanic garden, there are many different plants from all around the world. You can see trees that grow naturally in North America or plants that are from Australia. It is very interesting to see so many trees and flowers all around the world in one place. Also, this place is a little up on a small hill so you can get scenic photos up there as well.


Churros con chocolate

One of the best things we discovered in Barcelona was Churros with chocolate (churros con chocolate). We ate it for breakfast. It was amazing. You can find it in many cafés around Barcelona. If you can’t find Churros with chocolate, search for Porros with chocolate which is almost the same only bigger and straight pastry. Basically, it is some kind of pastry and hot chocolate.

What you do is, you take churros or porros, dip it into the hot chocolate and eat it. It can seem too sweet at first but you don’t have to put sugar on your churros (or porros). Because it is quite sweet, we liked to eat it in the morning as breakfast. We did it as many times as we could in the mornings because it is just SO good.

Tapas café and restaurant

One day, when walking around the city we discovered our favorite restaurant/café. We were pretty hungry and right at that time one guy came to us and gave us some flyer. At first, we thought “yeah, it’s nice, maybe we’ll check it out later”. But then we thought, why not, we’re hungry and these prices seem reasonable. So we went to that place. Tapas there were so good that soon after that visit we went to eat there again. Also, tapas became my favorite food. The place where we ate is called Tapadu Tapas Café and Restaurant Barcelona. Even if you don’t go anywhere else I recommended, you should definitely go to this restaurant.

Guell Park

Guell Park is one of the main tourist attraction in Barcelona. We went there on our last day in Barcelona. Guell park really is something remarkable. Not only the long colorful bench as the main attraction but the whole park with its extraordinary columns of stone. We didn’t go to the bench area or the Monumental Core because there was a too long line to it and a lot of tourist groups but the experience of being up there was still amazing. We also got beautiful scenic photographs up there of the city from above. The admission to the Monumental Core is 7.50€ but the upper part of the park is free to visit on your own.

DSC_0121 (2)DSC_0081 (2)DSC_0084DSC_0089

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is another main tourist object in Barcelona that people wish to see with their own eyes. It’s the magnificent church that is still not quite ready even though people started building it almost 200 years ago. Ticket prices to visit La Sagrada Familia church are from 15€ to 29€ depending on what you choose to do in the church. You could either learn about Gaudi’s work and life, take a guide or audioguide, have panoramic experience with an audio guide or discover the church on your own.

During the tourist season in summer months (June-September) the line to the church can be very long. So if you decide to save your money and time, you could also see the church from outside because it’s right in the middle of the city where everyone can see it without going inside.


Also, you could always go to the beach. Although the water isn’t the cleanest, you can take a little dip in it and wash the salt off yourself in the shower which is in the beach area. While sun-bathing you can watch people play volleyball or football or go join them instead.

There are plenty of things to do in Barcelona and many things are for free or for a cheap price. Whether or what you choose to do in the city is your own decision. I hope I made your choice easier by pointing out a few things to do in Barcelona with a low budget.


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