How to prepare for your trip wisely?

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Preparing for a trip wisely can be very challenging if you decide to go on a trip on your own without using any tour companies to help you. Before going anywhere I like to think almost everything through. So that on a trip I would not have to worry about these things anymore.

As I am not very wealthy I have to save up money in order to travel. It does not mean I cannot do the things I love in order to save money. It means I have to prioritize what is more important to me and trip wisely.

There are a lot of people in the world who do not have much money. Instead, they have a lot of knowledge about different subjects that they have learned while traveling the world. It is known that nowadays you do not need a fortune in your pocket in order to travel. Still, there are some tips to travel cheaper and see and learn about this beautiful world that God has created for us.

Here are a few things that have helped me organize my trips:

Where and how?

I usually check the price for the flights from Hopper. This app shows when are the prices likely cheaper to the destination you want to go. It also sends you reminders and updates about the prices of the trip or trips that you have chosen to watch.

Another great website for flight tickets is Skyscanner. I have never actually bought flight tickets using Skyscanner, but I really enjoy searching for cheaper flights on this website. That gives an example of how much the flight might cost to your chosen destination. Skyscanner is one of the first flight searching tools that I use when I want to buy flight tickets. I am quite sure I am going to buy my next flight tickets from Skyscanner today as I write this post since I have found some great deals from there.

Searching for flight tickets from different airlines’ websites is also a good idea. I have bought flights for traveling inside Europe from Ryanair, Turkish Airlines, Air Baltic, and Aegean Airlines. Despite what other people have said about cheaper airlines I have been quite pleased with low-cost airlines. If you do your research and do everything correctly as it is written on their website then you do not have to pay any fees for heavier or bigger luggage. Of course, that’s only when you fly with hand luggage only.

Find accommodation

I use website very often to book a nice hotel room or an apartment. In many cases lets you reserve your accommodation without paying the price at the moment. Payment is usually at the hotel. Many times even canceling is without an extra charge which makes booking accommodation really easy.

Of course, I check out other websites as well as to find THE BEST accommodation for me, like,,,, and But I’ve found the best deals in so far. For the next trip, I am going to book accommodation with Airbnb because I have found some really great listings from there and I cannot wait to try these out.

I always try to find accommodation near the city center or some important landmark that I intend to see. That makes transportation costs lower and makes it easier to see and experience things you wish.

Things to do at a destination

I usually don’t only go see sightseeings. I also like to DO something. So to find what to do in a destination and read about people’s reviews of those places, an excellent site is Tripadvisor. Tripadvisor offers you to read REAL people’s REAL experiences about places they’ve been and things they’ve done so that YOU could be more confident to choose what you want to do. Thanks to Tripadvisor I found an awesome tour company on a little Greece island who offered me and my friend a tour around the island and arranged our diving in the capital of the island (You can read more about this tour company here). I probably would have never known about this great company if it was not on Tripadvisor. Tripadvisor definitely helps you prepare for your trip wisely.

My first time diving.
My first time diving.

More preparing

Put some money aside every month

Although it is quite obvious, you have to plan to put some money aside every month. Since I know I would spend my money if it was on my debit card, I always make sure I take some cash out every month and put it aside. That way I can see clearly how much I have saved and how much there is left to save. I always make a budget for myself as a goal that I have to get in order to go on a trip. Saving up a little every month allows me to travel at least once a year. And the memories I get will last forever.

The jar where I collect my money for travel.

When planning your trip choose wisely

The cheapest accommodation or flight tickets might attract you but be careful! The cheapest is not always THE BEST. Once when I booked a quite cheap room in Italy I soon realized how big of a mistake I had made. I had searched the house with google maps street view. But the view went black just when I found that house. So I tried to look at this house farther away from the street next to it. The house seemed abandoned and the neighborhood dangerous. Gladly, I could cancel without any canceling fees and book another accommodation. So better be safe than sorry!

Same goes for airlines. It might be a cheap flight. But if the airport where the plane takes you is so far away from the city that you have to pay a lot to get to the city, then it is just pointless to choose this flight. Always do research before your trip to trip wisely!

The last accommodation I stayed in Greece.

Buy only the things that are necessary

You do not really need 10 pairs of jeans and 12 pairs of shoes on your travel. When you are on a trip it is actually even better if you pack lightly. So keep that in mind! And remember, you would want to buy something as a souvenir from your trip. So have some room for that in your suitcase and do not buy too many new things for your trip. When you feel the urge to buy something, think about what you can do with that money on your trip. This may help you save some money and trip wisely.

Search from local websites

Of course, there are specific websites for every country or region for what to do in it. So search the local websites as well and try to find more exciting things to do. I always try to see and do things that are not that popular but which are somehow linked to the culture of the place or something that locals love to do. I like to do the things that are interesting to me and that I can also remember after my trip. For example, I probably would forget most of the things I heard or saw in some kind of museum, but I never forget the time when I went to diving for the first time or when I saw that magnificent castle in Caserta, Italy.

The magnificent castle of Caserta, Italy.
The magnificent castle of Caserta, Italy.

I hope you got some great ideas on how to plan your next trip and what to do there. If you have any questions, you can always ask me on comments sections or privately on

Keep traveling!

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