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First impression of Las Vegas

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Our 3-day trip to Las Vegas started on a bus ride from Los Angeles. We had bought bus tickets prior to our ride from the Internet. On the day of our travel, we went downtown and tried to find the bus station. We walked back and forth the street where the bus station supposedly was but couldn’t find it. At first, we asked some people on the street. The showed us the way but we couldn’t really see it. Then some woman who looked a bit frightening (she looked like she was homeless) ran after us and yelled: “GIIRRLLSS!!!” When we looked back she stopped and said she just wanted to say that I remind her some kind of actress. I had no idea who that actress is so I looked at her with confusion. She explained it then that she only meant it as a compliment. I said thank you, even though I had no idea who she was talking about.

Finding our bus station

Finally, we went to the police officer who was walking on the street and asked him where we could find our bus stop. He sent us to the door which was dusty and seemed like a place that is abandoned. When he opened the door we saw it really did look like a little bus station from inside. Still, this place seemed odd and old. Just in case we also asked the info service worker at the counter to confirm that the bus to Las Vegas leaves from there. She said the bus will arrive right in front of the building. So we sat down and waited with another couple of people.

Bus station.
Bus station.

4-hour bus ride

We were very glad that the bus was modern and had good air conditioning inside. Not that we’re very material girls but we were afraid we would get an old minivan, considering how the bus station and the entire neighborhood of downtown looked like. Across the street from our bus station was a tent where a few homeless people were living. The bus ride though was very nice. Because the ride was over 4 hours the bus made a stop after a few hours for everyone to get something to eat. We stopped at some fast food restaurant and had for like 15-20 minutes to get the food and get back to the bus.


First impression of the city

When we finally arrived in Las Vegas we got out at the Excalibur Hotel. The heat that hit us when we exited the bus was too much for us. We had decided to walk to our hotel which was an only 30-minute walk away. But since it was 41 degrees Celcius (105.8 degrees in Fahrenheit) outside, it felt impossible for us to walk. So we called an Uber. Although we marked our location on the map to our Uber driver to easily find us, he still got lost and was waiting for us on the other side of the hotel. We had to walk all the way there with our suitcases with this hot weather. When we finally found him, he said he had an option to cancel this pick up because it took us too long but he didn’t. We thanked him for waiting for us. Otherwise, we would have had to wait for another Uber driver to come.

Excalibur hotel.
Excalibur hotel.

Vacation by the pool

We got to our hotel in 5-10 minutes now. By the time we got to our room, we were so tired of the heat. We changed our clothes and went straight to the hotel pool. The pool was so refreshing and nice. There were only one or two people by the pool beside us. When it got a bit chilly in the pool, we went on the deck chair to sunbathe and just relax. After a while, I had to use the restroom so I went back to our room. When I came back I used the elevator as we always did, even though the hotel only had 2 floors. One guy joined me in the elevator. He started the small talk that I, as an Estonian, am not very good at. He asked if I’m going to the pool. I said I am and it’s such warm weather outside. He said: “It’s not warm, it’s HOT!”. I’m glad the elevator ride was so short we couldn’t start talking in other subjects.

The hotel we stayed in was a bit away from the street Strip where the real Vegas nightlife is going on. Our aim was to get a nice hotel room with a reasonable price for two nights. We only went to Las Vegas so that we could take a trip to Grand Canyon. And Las Vegas is so much nearer to Grand Canyon than Los Angeles. Also, there are so many day-trips to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. We booked a suite in a hotel with an outside pool for us and it was much cheaper than the hotels near the Strip.

The Rita Suites.
Our Hotel – The Rita Suites.

Trying to order some food

Later that day when we were back in our hotel room, we looked at the hotel restaurant menu and decided to order a pizza special. It contained 2 pizza slices and 2 Coca-Cola cans. When I called the pub/restaurant downstairs they said the pizza special is only for eating in the pub and not in room service. They said that they can make our pizza (the whole pizza, not only 2 slices) but we have to get it ourselves and the price is different. We agreed and waited for 15 minutes as she said. We were a bit confused and thought someone will come to the door and bring our pizzas now, that we ordered the whole pizza and not pizza special. But no one came to our door. Then I thought maybe I misunderstood her and we had to get the pizza ourselves. So we went downstairs and got our pizza, Coke and tortilla chips. The pizza was one of the best I’ve eaten.

Tortilla chips.
Tortilla chips.

Warm at night

Later that night we went outside. We thought we would just look around a bit now that the Sun isn’t shining on us. It was still 35 degrees outside (95 Fahrenheit). We went to the nearest Clothes’ store we found to shop a little. There was such a nice air condition inside that later when we went outside again, it felt like we went back to the sauna. I still enjoyed that I could wear shorts and a shirt even at 11 pm outside and it was so warm. The fact that you don’t need to bring a jacket with you every time you go outside was so refreshing and good.

Las Vegas at night.
Las Vegas at night.

Keep traveling!

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