Cars in the streets of LA

Explore Los Angeles without a car

Why is it better to explore Los Angeles without a car? Los Angeles is a huge city. It’s the second most popular city in the United States after New York. There are about 4 million people in Los Angeles, which is about a little less than 4 times more than in the entire country of Estonia. The City of Los Angeles is divided into 80 neighborhoods. Since there are so many people in town, it’s not surprising there are also a lot of cars and traffic jams. It has actually the reputation of having the world’s worst traffic congestion.

Why is it better to explore Los Angeles without a car?

It is faster

For one, it can be a lot faster. Sure there is a waiting time because buses and metros won’t come as soon as you arrive at the stop. But metros have their own lanes and they ride underground with such speed that will take you from one place to another much faster than a car in a traffic jam. If there are no metros or buses going where you wish to go then another great idea is to call an Uber. Uber arrives quite fast in Los Angeles since there are so many of them. Also, it takes off the nervousness of driving the car and getting lost in an unknown city.

It is cheaper

Another positive thing about exploring Los Angeles without a car is that it’s much cheaper. Especially if you are out of the country and have had thoughts of renting a car. Of course, when you are traveling with a larger group of friends it might be a good idea. But if there is just you and your friend or a family member, then it is much cheaper to travel the city without a car. Also, you wouldn’t have to think about where to park your car.

You get to ‘live like a local’

Exploring the city without a car gives you an opportunity to live like a local using public transportation. A lot of Angelinos use Uber or Lift to get from one place to another. These are basically the same thing. Uber and Lift have their own app that lets you mark your location and destination. Then, usually, the closest Uber or Lift driver picks you up. You can see your driver’s ride in real time on a map. For using Uber or Lift you have to have an Internet connection to connect with the driver. But to be fair, it’s much cheaper than the original taxis.

See the real life of the city

Using the public transportation mode in the city lets you experience the real life of the city. You see things that you may have never known. When I was in Los Angeles I saw many things that surprised me, but I know I would have never seen or experienced these things if I had rented a car. Also, as a newbie in the city, I wouldn’t know things like where to park my car, which roads to avoid, which are only one-way roads and so on. I’d say if you are good with Google Maps, then you’d do great in exploring the city without a car.

The wall in LA
The wall in LA

How to explore Los Angeles with public transport?

If you have already decided to use public transport in Los Angeles then here are a few pointers for you. First, I recommend buying a Tap card. You can buy that from a Metro station from self-service machines. The Tap card costs only $2 and you can load money on that card or buy a day or week ticket. Every time before getting on a metro or a bus, you have to Tap your card. In Metro stations, there are usually the gates which you have to go through. Before going through the gates, you have to tap your card.

Tap Card
Tap Card.

To find out how to get from one place to another with public transport, I’d suggest using Google Maps, turning on your location and choosing public transport icon. It usually shows many different ways to go, so choose the best route.

Which is it going to be? With a car or without a car?

Of course, it would be much easier to just rent a car and drive through the city but where’s the fun there? You can explore and see more when you use public transportation. So if you wish to see the city as it is, like a local, not like a tourist, then I suggest traveling Los Angeles without a car.

Cars in the streets of LA
Cars in the streets of LA

Keep traveling!

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