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Enjoying Karpathos

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One of the first things we did after waking up in a little village called Arkasa, in Karpathos, was that we went outside to look around. The weather wasn’t as warm as we had imagined it to be. It was still a bit rainy and cloudy, although it didn’t rain anymore. It usually stops raining in April in Karpathos but this year had been different. People in Karpathos say that after the rain the Sun gets better or stronger and that’s how it really was. The next days the Sun really WAS better and stronger.

The garden of our accommodation was so beautiful. The host gave us some white berries and figs to try from the garden. We really liked both of these. We especially liked the view from our balcony to the sea, mountains, and garden. Waking up to this view every morning was so relaxing.

The store was quite close to us. In the little shop next to the car rental they sold food, necessities, and souvenirs. We ate our first meal at Kriti’s restaurant. The meal wasn’t as good as we thought it would be but it was quite okay. The chicken I ordered felt half-cooked. Otherwise, it was all okay and I ate until I was so full I couldn’t eat anything at all.

Later we just chilled out in Agios Nikolaos Beach and tried to climb up on a mountain but couldn’t find the right path. We found the right path the next day. So on that day we just climbed on the rocks and enjoyed the view of the sea and the beach.

One of the best decision we had made before our trip was booking a trip around the island with Karpathos Adventure. If you ever decide to go to Karpathos, then Karpathos Adventure is the best choice. The people who run that are so friendly and helpful. They showed us secret treasures of the island and hiking trails. They even rode us to the capital of Karpathos (Pigadia) and back one day. If there would have been good waves during our trip we would have gone surfing with them as well since they teach that. They were also so nice that asked us when are we leaving and offered to pick us up and drive us to the airport. We are so thankful for Baara and Andraž for that and everything they did for us.

You can read more about our trip around the island with Baara (our guide from Karpathos Adventure) in another post (you can read about here).

The first day in Arkasa we saw how little the village looked. We didn’t see many people during the day. It seemed like we were on an abandoned island or in a ghost town or something. I think we even saw more cats than humans. There were many houses but it seemed like people were gone or they were just sitting inside their houses and not wanting to go outside. It was the end of May so it wasn’t tourist season on the island yet. There were a lot of hotels and guest apartments in the village but these seemed quite empty as well.

In the beach, there were some people but not too many. There were deck chairs with sunshades in the beach for tourists but since it wasn’t tourist season yet no one asked us money for using these. Most of these were empty anyway. On our fifth day in Arkasa, I think, someone finally came to us and asked 6€ for two chairs and sunshade but before that, we used these for free.

The beach was amazing though. It was a sandy beach with wonderful waves. It was even nice to sunbathe because then you could just lay on the chair and listen to the waves and enjoy the hot Sun.

Relaxing on a beach.
Relaxing on a beach.

The sunset was so fast in Karpathos. For someone who’s from northern Europe where the sun sets little before midnight during summer and it doesn’t get too dark at night, this was little unordinary. The sunset at about 8.30pm and at 9 pm it was already dark.

We went for a swim during sunset. There were no other people on the beach during that time. It was a really nice vibe. For the time we got out of the water it was already quite dark. So we gathered our things and went back to our apartment which was only 5 minutes away from the beach.

Keep traveling!

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