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Celebrating Birthday in Karpathos part 2

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(In the last post, I wrote about that part of the Birthday when we went to Pigadia (Link in here). This post is about when we got back to Arkasa.)

On that day we made our second attempt to climb up on the mountain which was seen from our balcony. This time we knew where the path was since our host in our accommodation had said that when we asked. There was also a little white church under the mountain. We went inside to look around in that tiny little church. There were many paintings on the walls and it had a  mosaic floor and some tall candles to light. There were no other people inside and the room was so small that I think it was about 3×4 meters max.


We knew which side of the mountain we should climb now but still went to the wrong path. It was hard to climb there and seemed even a bit too dangerous. There were big rocks on which we had to climb and the mountain seemed too steep. We decided to go back a bit and search for a better way. Finally, we found the right path that was a little bit higher than the road we took. It was harder to find it but much easier to walk. There were even some stair steps made of rocks.

When we got up on a mountain, we saw the remains of a castle that once was there. Later, we found out from our guide from Karpathos Adventure, that people in Karpathos used to live upon the mountains because of the pirates who came to the area near the coast and destroyed their villages.


The view up from a mountain was wonderful. We could see the sea touch the sky and the landscapes around the village. Upon a mountainside, we also saw some sheep. We wondered how is that possible for sheep to climb on that steep mountain. I guess they are very skilled sheep.


Since the Sun is setting very fast and quite early for us in Karpathos, we had to hurry to get down in daylight. We thought the time is already after 8 pm, but gladly it was still 6 pm. Usually, the Sun was setting around 9 pm. And it took barely half an hour for the Sun to fade away into the Sea.

We went to the beach in the Sunset. Since the beach was empty of people and it was still quite warm, we decided to go for a swim. It was really nice to swim in the Sea while Sunset. We couldn’t swim long though, because it was already getting really dark outside.

Later in the evening, we went to the balcony to eat the birthday cake we had purchased earlier. It was a nice day which was totally unplanned but exciting and memorable.

Keep traveling!


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