I am a woman in my 20s who really loves to travel, making travel plans and taking photos of my trips. I am an adventurous, nature-loving, and caring woman. Because I love talking about my trips I created a blog where anyone who is interested in reading about my adventures on foreign land can read it.

For me, waiting for a trip, planning it and thinking about the memories of it afterward is all a traveling experience. I could not just buy a holiday package and go on a typical trip with a big tourist group. But I value very high tours with locals in their hometown. They can show places that a typical tourist could never see and know of. Exploring in a new place for me means getting to know the place as locals do. I do not want to be just another tourist in town. I want to experience the local culture. This includes local cuisine, accommodation, and transportation.

Things I like about traveling are:

  • People don’t understand my language.

Because I am an Estonian, a lot of people do not understand when I am talking in Estonian with my friend. I like that because it feels like it’s our secret language. With locals, I speak in English or if I am capable then in their own language. But I love the freedom that I can speak with my friend as loud as I want and possibly no one else would understand.

  • I can wake up in new places.

I love the feeling that I can wake up in new places and discover it wasn’t a dream but a reality. This really is a new place.

  • Food.

I love trying new food, usually. I am actually quite picky about food. As I travel to new places I always make this one goal to try new food. From this experience, I have discovered Spanish tapas as my favorite food. I also enjoyed Turkish food on the flight with Turkish Airlines and Greece appetizers in Karpathos and Athens.

  • Don’t have the need to bring a jacket with you.

I love the freedom of leaving my jacket at accommodation. Since it is often quite chilly in Estonia, even in summer, I enjoy traveling to warmer places and experience the real summer weather.

Get closer to local life

Of course, it is more comfortable to sleep in expensive hotels and rent a car. But if you do it in every destination it gets boring and you will not get the whole experience. To sleep in accommodation that is offered by a local and ride in local transportation gives you a new perspective on a place. This way you can experience the local life by actually living it and not watching it from afar.

In my blog, I am sharing memories from my trips and how I get to travel on a low budget and enjoy it. As I travel more and more I have found some great tips on what to do, where to go and how to get there. So I also offer you some tips. I hope you will get some inspiration about what places or attractions to visit on YOUR trip.

If you need any advice related to traveling on a low budget you can contact me and we will find some great adventures for you.

Thank you to everyone who decides to read my blog. I hope you can enjoy the stories of my trips and maybe even compare them to your own adventures.



Keep traveling!



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