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A day in Barcelona

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Barcelona, Barcelona… Oh, how I miss this city.

I went to Spain with my friend in July 2014. It was so hot there at the time that it felt almost like in sauna. The first day we got there so late that our only goal was to find our hotel and rest until morning. So we would be fresh and ready to go out and explore the new country.

Our hotel room was nice. It had a big bed with two mattresses, white linens, a work table, two nightstands and really all the essentials that you need. It wasn’t fancy but it was fine for us since we didn’t plan to spend our time in the city by sitting in our hotel room. One downside was that the room was a bit too chilly. Although, the receptionist told us to tell him if we need to cut off the air conditioner. But at some moments, for example, when coming back into our room from outside where it was so hot, it was pretty nice to have a bit colder room. Plus, we had blankets…

The hotel also had a cafe/restaurant kind of place down in the lobby area but we never understood when it was open or when could we really eat there. One time when we asked the receptionist in the evening, she told us it’s open in the morning from 7 am to 9 am. So the next morning we got there at this time and there was another receptionist who told us that it’s open in the evening from 7 pm to 9 pm or so. After that confusion, we decided to find another place to eat.

So we went out to eat breakfast. It was strange because people were honking the horn at us and waving and whistling and we were kind of surprised at their action. I mean, yes, we were wearing skirts but that’s because it was just too hot outside. In my home country, no one probably wouldn’t have done anything. So it was weird to see that even the street cleaner was whistling to us and said something in Spanish, like “Bonitos chicas!” or something like that.


We couldn’t find any good place nearby to eat so early so we ended up eating in good old McDonald’s restaurant. Later, we just walked around the neighborhood and discovered the city on foot. We got up on one hill and enjoyed the beautiful view of the whole city. The roads we came up were steep and empty of people. We got near the big stadium there were a lot of people hanging around. The roads were partially closed to cars and police officers were regulating the roads. There was One Direction concert coming up there in the evening so the area was full of happy teenage girls.


We kept on walking and found a nice garden/park, where we were heading. We bought the entrance ticket which was like 3€ or so and got in. It seemed like we’re almost the only ones there since it was really hot. We always had our water bottles with us to keep hydrated. We saw all sorts of plants and trees from different places in the world. There were a lot of palm trees there and the garden seemed very calming and peaceful. From time to time we could hear One Direction or their warm-up band 5 Seconds of Summer doing soundcheck.


After the walk in the beautiful garden, we went to the beach. We bought colorful ice sticks near the harbor and walked on the promenade under the palm trees.

The beach was full of people. Some people were just sun-bathing. Some people were playing volleyball. Some people were playing football and some were swimming. In the beach, there was also an outdoor gym where some guys and maybe even a few women lifted weights and worked out. We walked and walked through one beach to another. We knew there are many beaches next to each other there. At one place we stopped to take some pictures and two Asian women asked us to take a photo of them with their camera. We happily helped them and asked if they could also take a picture of us.

We continued walking until we reached the beach where it seemed like too many people are naked there. I mean, on beaches in Barcelona there were a lot of women who preferred to sun-bath and swim without wearing the upper part of the bikini. But in THAT beach women were totally naked, and also men. Then we noticed a sign that said that it’s a nudist beach. That’s when we started going back.

After finding a nice place to sit, we laid down on the sand and enjoyed the sun. We also went for a swim a little although the water didn’t seem very clean. Some guy came to us and offered us to buy some kind of drink. It was cider, I think. But we declined.


Right across from the beach there were many restaurants beside each other. We went to one burger place and ate until we were full. Hastily, we started going back because it was already getting dark outside and we were not sure how to get back now. We took a couple of blurry photos of Barcelona at night and tried to find our way back to our hotel. We hoped there would be a bus going somewhere near there so we searched for the nearest bus station. Sadly, there weren’t any buses going there anymore so we had to walk. We knew that the direction must be right because there was a map at the bus stop.

Since it was the time during the World Cup many Spanish people were watching it from the TV. We passed many pubs and saw people watching the game outside. The bartender had got the TV outside so that people could sit on a terrace and watch the game. Every time we reached to another pub, we saw a different score. When we finally arrived at our hotel, we saw that people in the lobby were also watching football. We joined them there. It was fun to see how two totally different men, from different countries, greeted each other, got a beer to each other and talked about their favorite topic: football. One guy was for one team and another hoped that the other team is going to win. In the end, both of them were happy and said: “It was a great game!”.


Keep traveling!

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