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A day in Athens

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When we arrived in Athens, we walked through the gates and started looking for a way to get to our hotel. We thought it would be cheaper to use public transport to get to our hotel but since we were so tired of the trip and it was already getting late and we didn’t know which bus, metro or other public transport would take us into the city, we decided to take a taxi. There were many yellow taxis waiting in a line for people outside the airport. We waited in line for a minute and got into the next taxi. The sign said that it costs exactly 48€ to get to the city center. We thought it’s not that expensive if it takes us right in front of our hotel door.

The taxi driver was very friendly, he asked us where we’re from, for how long are we staying and said that we should definitely go to some of the islands of Greece. We looked outside the window as the car rode fast on a highway. There was a traffic sign that showed it was allowed to speed up to 130 km/h but our taxi driver drove as fast as 160 km/h. When the sign said 70 km/h, our taxi driver drove in 140 km/h. When we were in the streets of the city of Athens already, we still drove really fast. When it finally showed 30 km/h, our driver drove in 90 km/h. Finally, after 40 minute-ride we arrived at our hotel. Our taxi driver accidentally drove past our hotel and turned behind the corner. Then we stepped out and he asked 78€. First, we were surprised that he asked that much, but also couldn’t be bold enough to ask why so much. He had already written the check and added the amount so we just gave him the money and took our luggage.


We walked into our hotel and the receptionist showed us our room and gave us the keys. She said that when we need to go outside we have to give her the key back and when we come back, we ask the key for our room again. Our hotel room was surprising for us. It had one big bed and big mirror-wall. It also had a big TV with many channels. The bathroom was nice overall, although, the door to the bathroom was made of glass which was see-through. Wasn’t something we would’ve appreciated but for a room that cheap, we didn’t complain much. Luckily, there was a curtain to the bathtub.


Pretty much after arriving we went outside to find someplace to eat. We knew there were some fast food places near, so we just opened an app and looked which one should we go. We decided to go to Greece’s original fast food restaurant Goody’s Burger house. Near the fast-food restaurant, the nightlife seemed to begin. There were many cars and motorcycles riding by and people walking. In the fast food place, people were using a lot of take-away services which took their orders and drove with motorcycles to get to the client.


When we got our food we went outside to eat, because the air inside the restaurant was so thick and steamy. Outside near the door was a dog just laying on the ground. It didn’t even move the entire time it was there and we suspected it might be dead. It was so sad to see people walking past that dog and no one even saw or pretended they didn’t see that it was laying there, motionless. It was nice that they had added a little stick like a little fork for the fries, so we didn’t have to use our fingers to eat these. While we were eating we looked around and saw that there was a small park across the road and there were some orange trees growing inside that park. That was a cool thing to see for us.

The next day we went to look around in Athens before our plane went off around 3 am the next morning. We found the metro station quite near us, so we took the metro and rode to the Acropolis. First, we just walked around the area. Right after we came up from the metro station, we saw three or four restaurants next to each other. People were trying to get us into THEIR restaurant. We told everyone that we will come back later and decide then.


Then we went to the food store and bought something for breakfast. While looking for a place to sit down and eat, a young guy on the motorcycle waved at us and sent us a kiss while turning around the corner. The traffic was busy and the streets were full of people walking around. We ate our food and went back to the Acropolis. Before we stopped by the sweets’ store and my friend bought something from there to bring home to. While walking on the streets to get to the entrance of Acropolis, we saw a tiny parking lot filled with many cars and we were wondering ‘how will they get out of there??’. Seemed crazy to us.


It was a really hot day for us, so when we saw that the line to the Acropolis is quite long, we weren’t very happy about it. Luckily, when we got to the ticket office and mentioned that we have ISIC Student Card, they gave us FREE tickets 😀 We thought it would maybe be just a little bit cheaper then but were very excited that it’s free. The entrance fee was otherwise 20€, so we saved quite a lot. It was very cool to see the architecture from the Ancient Greek times. There were a lot of tourists on the site, even though it was still the beginning of the summer and about 1 pm. It was very interesting to see the old part of the city and the ‘new’ city of Athens up on the mountain where the acropolis was. There was also an amphitheater there. The day in Athens was so hot we could barely walk. We bought some ice drink which was very popular on that day. It was very sweet and I could not drink the whole drink but at least it was as cold as ice.


After walking around the area, we decided to go to the museum inside as well. The ticket was only 3€ but when we mentioned that we have ISIC Student Card, they gave us a free pass once again. We saw many sculptures inside and photos of ancient times. It was very interesting to walk around there and learn about Greek art and culture. Since it was a very hot day outside we got tired quite quickly and decided to go eat lunch. We went back to the place where three restaurants were fighting to get us into THEIR place to eat. We chose the third one and the others were pretty offended by it. They offered us huge portions of food and even though it was all so delicious we could not eat all of it. They seemed offended by it but still gave us a cake from the house as well even though we were already so full.


After lunch, we decided to go back to our hotel, take our stuff and go to the airport, so we would not be leaving at dark. We had to pass those other two restaurants and the guys there were very disappointed that we chose another restaurant. One of them even said to us: “WHY?? Why did you choose THEM?? WHY? You broke my heart, girls!” He seemed very angry at us. We didn’t know what to answer so we just kept going to get to the metro station while he was still yelling something at us.

In the airport, we searched for quite a time to find where we could print our AirBaltic airline tickets. Since we couldn’t find any right place we went to the info table and asked them. They couldn’t understand us, so we asked if we could just show our ticket from the phone. Finally, they understood that and said we can. We went through the gates around 9 pm already. We decided to walk around the airport store that we had to walk through anyway. When we went to the cashier to buy our stuff the guy at the cashier table asked our tickets and was so surprised that we’re there while our plane leaves at 3 am. We couldn’t understand why was he so surprised by it, maybe he thought we look so young and we’re there all by ourselves or I don’t know…

After that, all we had to do was wait for our plane once again and then ride home…


Keep traveling!

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