Queen Mary ship.
Adventures in the USA

On board the Queen Mary

Another beautiful sunny day was welcoming us in Los Angeles on the day we had planned to go on board the ship Queen Mary. A ship that was faster and bigger than Titanic, was elegant and classy. The rich and famous considered it as the only civilized way to travel Atlantic when the ship was …

Universal Studios Hollywood.
Adventures in the USA

Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood

One quite memorable day for me in Los Angeles was visiting Universal City and Universal Studios Hollywood. Universal Studios Hollywood is a place where not only kids can have fun. The whole movie studio complex was like neighborhoods inspired by some movie. Each neighborhood had its own attractions and ways to have fun. We got to …

Hollywood sign.
Adventures in the USA

Long hikes in Los Angeles

When arriving in Los Angeles it was quite a normal weather for us, about 24 degrees Celcius (75F). Very soon the temperature started to rise. We felt that especially when going hiking. On our 3rd day in Los Angeles, we had planned to hike in Runyon Canyon, until up to Hollywood Hills. Hollywood Hills’ elevation …

The streets in London Heathrow.
Adventures in the USA

Getting to Los Angeles

First of all, I am so glad we found so cheap flight tickets from Stockholm (Sweden) to Los Angeles (USA). We got return tickets for only 313€. The flights were operated by British Airways and American Airlines. Both of which were very enjoyable for us. Since we arrived at Arlanda Airport (Stockholm, Sweden) quite early, …

Cars in the streets of LA

Explore Los Angeles without a car

Why is it better to explore Los Angeles without a car? Los Angeles is a huge city. It’s the second most popular city in the United States after New York. There are about 4 million people in Los Angeles, which is about a little less than 4 times more than in the entire country of …

Karpathos airport

What to do when you are bored at airport?

Traveling is fun but sometimes you might have to sit at an airport and wait for another flight for hours. Then it gets no fun very quickly. There are numerous things you can do when you have hours of free time while waiting for a plane. So what to do in an airport when you’re …

A view from our accommodation in Italy.

10 tips to travel cheaper

Some people think that traveling always costs a lot but there are actually so many ways to go someplace new with a low budget. I have never been very wealthy so I know some tips on how to travel cheaper. 1. Use low-cost airlines or trains to travel around Europe Trains were the first transport …